Friday, September 23, 2005

The Websites

Let's talk about the web sites of Jon Corzine and Doug Forrester.

After the debate, Matt Stoller over at the Corzine Connection Blog put up a debate blog wrap-up. (I was a little surprised to be included, because even though I made it clear that am a supporter, I was highly critical of the senator's performance.) I noted that a couple conservative blogs were included also. That's rather fair of a candidate's web site and not what you'd usually expect. So I moseyed over to the Forrester web site to see their wrap-up of the debate.


Oh, there are a few links up to editorials and debate reviews. But there is no forum similar to the Corzine Connection that I found.

I continue to be disappointed by the Forrester campaign. The web site is a bunch of attacks. Even his "policy positions" have lots of attacks included. I reread the Corzine plan pages and they are much less adversarial.

Once again, it seems like Jon Corzine wants to be governor because he has a vision for Our Fair State. Whether you agree with that vision, or all or most or part of it, is up to you; but you can visit his web site to read about it.

Doug Forrester wants to be governor because he doesn't want Jon Corzine to be governor. So if Doug got elected, then what? He can't spend an entire administration being "not-the-other-guy." Doug, stop telling me why I shouldn't vote for Jon Corzine; start telling me why I should vote for you. It's fall campaign season, the time is now.


The One True Tami said...

The time *is* now. I still get uncomfortable thinking about that debate, and how smoothly he avoided answering questions. I think taht he really only answered 2 - the bear question, because I think he wasn't expecting it, and the "would you support a constitutional ammendment bannign gay marriage" question, because, once again, I think he wasn't expecting it. Not, as it hit, in a straight yes-or-no format, at least.

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