Saturday, September 03, 2005

Horror in New Orleans

Watch the video at Crooks and Liars. Geraldo Rivera and Shepard Smith of Fox News can't keep the emotion down any more. Oh, Hannity can, of course; he can sit there cold as a fish and ask Smith to get some perspective.

Smith and Rivera are watching people in a desperate, filthy, life-threatening situation. They have all the perspective there could ever be. Our ability to handle a domestic crisis has shown itself to be pretty shoddy, partly because the Louisiana National Guard is off fighting a war and partly because of a lack of leadership and communication. Don't comment that many people have been helped; many people have been helped but obviously more are still in need and are left being out in the heat, in the filth, in the horror show.

I wonder if this happened in a different place, like Our Fair State, would anything be different? Would we have such a deterioration of society? Is Kanye West right, being minority and poor equal lesser treatment? I shudder to think that maybe he is.

So much for the richest nation on earth, huh? This is horrifying.

(Thanks to Sam at Jersey Perspective for the Crooks and Liars link.)

UPDATE: At least now, they are leaving the Convention Center and are out of the Superdome. Rahema Ellis has a discussion- with no answers, but an overview of the poverty question here.

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