Friday, September 30, 2005

Corzine Rally

Yesterday I attended the Corzine Rally held at Kean University. I had never attended a political rally before, so this was an experience for me.

The place was positively packed. (I had heard how hard it was to get a ticket, then outside there was at least one woman just handing them out. I beleive she was a professor at Kean, maybe some tickets had been distributed to students and faculty and she had extras?) Labor made a big showing, in their orange jerseys, handing out stickers. There were busloads coming in even as late as 5PM. The doors were supposed to shut at 4:30 precisely but of course that didn't happen. I do believe we hit fire-code capacity of the space before they shut the doors. Volunteers handed out lots of bottles of water.

Unfortunately I never met up with the bloggers I was hoping to find; there were entirely too many people there to find people when you don't know what they look like. Instead I sat with the lovely Jackie, from the 25th district. Having never met before, we had lots of time to chat because we got there pretty early and everything started way late. She was carrying a copy of Bill Clinton's My Life, hoping for him to sign it. We discussed our assemblymen; I'm pretty happy with mine, she not so much with hers.

Sen. Corzine spoke first, not a long speech, but to an energetic crowd. If only he had done so well in the debate the other day! Former President Clinton spoke only a little longer. No matter what you think of him, he is an engaging speaker. He had the crowd cheering "Four More Years!" as he took the podium. He spoke glowingly of Corzine (as expected) and of Our Fair State. He mentioned Hillary only briefly but to astounding cheers. He may have been preaching to the faithful but we were on every word.

After the speeches, both men went to the crowd and shook hands, signed autographs. I did not try to shake either man's hand, that seemed very important to many people so I let them push up front, but I got pulled into the crowd and was close enough to see them both as they passed by. Clinton was clearly loving it, ever the politician, shaking hands and listening to everyone. Corzine had had a heck of a day- he'd been in DC in the morning to vote against Roberts and then in AC for some other meeting- but he looked very upbeat (and more than a little hot.) I was separated from Jackie but I hope she got her book signed.

Some quotes:

"Forrester is the slimebag of the century." Professor, in line outside before doors open.

"I'm very supportive of Corzine, but we know who is the main attraction." Said of Clinton, by person in bleachers.

"I care about this state. You were good to me." and
"I profoundly admire Jon, your next governor." William Jefferson Clinton


DBK said...

Thanks for covering this. I wish I could have gone.

The One True Tami said...

I'm so glad you got to go!

DoJo Mojo said...

I was hoping to attend myself, but couldn't get out of a previous engagement.