Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Quick link Tuesday

I have almost no time to blog today but this is too good to leave unmentioned; it's from Tom Hester, in yesterday's Times of Trenton:

12th District Republican Assembly candidates Jennifer Beck and Declan O'Scanlon win the award this week for most misleading campaigning. It could well rank as among the most misleading campaigning of the entire election season when all is said and done.

Beck and O'Scanlon, campaigning in the legislative district that includes East Windsor and Hightstown, put out a statement Friday trashing Democratic incumbents Michael Panter and Robert Morgan for voting for a bill that sent $20 million to North Jersey school districts.

Their release was full of outrage.

Beck seethed about how Panter and Morgan "just voted this spring to send $20 million to school districts that border Abbott districts while their own schools have been flat funded for the past two years."

O'Scanlon was beside himself that Morgan and Panter "thought it was more important to throw additional money at North Jersey than fight for increased funds here in the 12th District." He further stated that Panter and Morgan "serve at the whim of the North Jersey Democrat bosses."

Such outrage!

Too bad they weren't correct.

Morgan and Panter voted against the bill to send $20 million to the North Jersey school districts.

Beck and O'Scanlon are either ignoring the facts or they're careless candidates.

Either way, such statements raise serious questions about their campaign style.


Tripper said...

The word "campaign" -used in any form about any politician despite their party affiliation- translates to one thing.. Lie. They are all liars, and the press gives them a run for their money with their lies.

Tripper said...

P.S. I liked your blog. lol. That was simply just a thought that past through my mind, and I had to post. Thanks for sharing.

Brenda said...

The really sad thing is that a lot of people won't check the real facts and would believe these two.

DBK said...

Tripper, I have to disagree with you. I used to think the same way, but I got more deeply involved in politics in the past two years than I had ever been before. Yes, there are a shameful lot of lying politicians, but damned if there aren't a decent number of sincere, committed politicians who are looking out for the public welfare and want to do good for the people. You get to know them and you'll find out which ones are which. For example, I think State Assemblymember Uppendra Chivukula is sincere, honest, and a true public servant. You probably, if you think about it, can name at least one in whose integrity you believe.

Sharon GR said...

Hi Tripper, welcome.

Brenda's very right; the worst part is the folks who heard Beck and O'Scanlon probably won't ever hear that they were wrong. I'm hoping they will, and publicizing the news article here will hopefully in some small way make a few people aware of it.

IMHO, Panter and Morgan are some of the good guys of whom GD speaks. That's one of the reasons this bothers me so much.