Tuesday, September 20, 2005

First debate- first impression

(I'm Corzine's girl. I'm voting Democrat. I believe in the Senator's plans and goals as better and more achievable that Forrester's. There are issues where I disagree with him and things in his past I question, but I have completely made my choice for governor of NJ. It's Jon Corzine. I just want to make that perfectly clear before I discuss the debate tonight.)

I just watched Doug Forrester spank Jon Corzine squarely on statewide television.

Holy Christmas! Who in the hell drilled Corzine? Did anyone? He got hammered. He looked like he was stuttering and stalling and wasn't prepared with answers. His repetition of the "$9bil hole in the budget" sounded desperate. He didn't even have a good response for the Carla Katz thing- like THAT wouldn't come up! Even when he was so clearly right he didn't sound it.

He threw in somewhere that the Property Tax rebates would be converted to a credit in the future. That's news to me (and I try to follow these things,) and not in his PDF about his tax plan. Too bad it got buried under Kent Manahan cutting him off. Huh? What happened?

Forrester even got in a nasty "If Sen. Corzine is a tax cutter than Golan Cipel is a Homeland Security expert." Ouch.

Two moments I was happy about- when Corzine was hammering away about the $9bil hole in the budget that would have been created by the Forrester 30-in-3 property tax gimick/plan, Forrester corrected him that it was really a $3.2bil hole. And, once Bob Ingle asked Forrester a question, it went through answer, rebuttal- then Bob reminded Forrester that he hadn't answered the question. Why didn't Corzine jump on that?

Two moments in 60 minutes is not good.

I'm scared. This was not a good performance for a candidate whose lead is only 11 points. Damn.


DBK said...

I wouldn't get too worried. The number of undecideds is running around 22.5%. Of those, how many really watched the debate? Of those who didn't, how many really read the reports on the debate? The news reports are actually the bigger threat. They gave a very different impression of last night than the one I got. But I think the debate will not move that many too much. Look how awful Bush was in the debates.

Brenda said...

here's some interesting feedback. my father in law said he was going to vote for Forrester not because he liked him but rather because he felt it would be a greater loss to take Corzine out of the Senate.

Sharon GR said...

That's interesting, Brenda. I hadn't heard that one.

There's already fierce competition for who will get Corzine's senate seat. U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone is probably the most apparent right now (and a good choice if you ask me.)