Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Screwed up priorities

I'm trying to form a well-reasoned, articulate post on this. But so far, all I've come up with:

"What the hell are they thinking?"


"Seriously, what the hell are they thinking?"

Here's the article from today's paper. "Looking for money to restore property tax rebates, Assembly Democrats have targeted a fund used to help the poor pay heating bills and to promote cleaner energy, raising concerns less money for such needs will push more poor families to the brink and scuttle renewable energy plans. "What a disaster that would be," said Connie Mercer, executive director of Homefront, a Mercer County organization that advocates for and helps the poor. "I don't know what else to say but disaster." "

Screwed. Up. Priorities.

If there's extra money in the fund already that isn't needed for the charity heating bills, use it! Use it to make our state buildings and vehicles fuel efficient, saving us money in the long run. Use it to go solar, saving us even more money in the long run. Give it directly to municipalites to help with our energy efficiency plans, saving towns money in the long run. Invest it in cutting our state and muncipal energy use, saving money in the long run. (Anyone see a theme here?) But don't touch what is needed for our poorest citizens.

This money comes from fees the utilities pay, not even from property taxes. Using this money to restore the gimmicky rebate plan is just wrong.

I think I've decided. I'm going with, "Seriously, what the hell are they thinking?"

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