Monday, June 13, 2005

Property Tax Plan Round-up

Once again, Tom Hester Jr. is our go-to guy with state news. His article in today's Times of Trenton is the best compare-and-contrast on the gubernatorial candidates' property tax plans that I've read so far. He tells us that we shouldn't expect actual property tax reform, certainly not on the level that is needed. But both plans expect to cut lots of corruption and waste. (Wow! No other politician has ever talked of doing that!)

Doug, Jon, listen to me. Here's what we voters really want. We want the gimicks stopped. We don't need catchy titles or special legislative sessions. We want the state to stop trying to put bandaids over gushers, we want our budget balanced, and we don't want any more revenue tricks. We want a leader who will make hard decisions, often unpopular decisions, and follow through on what needs to be done. No more houses of cards; we want actual TAX REFORM. Tell me how you plan to do that.

(crickets chirping in the background)

We're waiting.


Sluggo said...

Very well put.

Sharon GR said...

Thank you, Sluggo. Welcome.