Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Pull the crickets

I have to remove the crickets from the soundtrack to Monday's post. Matt Stoller, with the Corzine campaign, emailed me yesterday evening:

"Here is a post on Jon Corzine's agenda.He has outlined specific steps and cuts to make to state government more efficient, as well as a comprehensive health care proposal to expand access to care.

He also has an aggressive ethics reform proposal which spells out how he intends to change the structure of NJ government to eliminate corruption:

In addition to his tax plan, he has called for a property tax citizens convention to address the structural roots of the problem, which is the funding of our schools through a regressive and unfair property tax."

Right now, those links just aren't working properly. As soon as I see that fixed I'll post it. I'd like to read exactly what they have to say. I've read the overview on Corzine's site, as well as what I can find on Doug Forrester's site. But, I must again refer to the Tom Hester Jr. article as a comprehensive compare-and-contrast, and I'm not seeing what I'd hoped to see- true reform of the system. (I may be cynical but I still have hope.)

No one from Forrester's camp has contacted me, but I would be surprised if my blog was on their radar for any reason. (I was more than a little surprised that Matt Stoller emailed me!)

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