Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The final hurdle!

First Energy approved us- that was the last inspection. We're officially SOLAR!

Of course, they say I got a new meter box on 6/14. I didn't, so there will still be some issues on which I have to follow up. But it's running, just in time for the next heat wave!!


DBK said...

How many kW hours per month can you generate in an average month and how many panels do you have? I'm very interested in this. If I can get my wife to go for it, I would love to get off the grid.

Sharon GR said...

Hi GD, welcome.

We have a 5.74 kWdc grid-connected solar photovoltaic sysytem. With that we should almost, but not quite, cover our power needs. It's 32 175watt panels. We're not off the grid. Excess power during the day runs back onto the grid (my meter runs backward!!), and at night we draw normally. Going off the grid requires a battery system, which is wicked insane expensive. (As opposed to simply crazy expensive, which is what we have.) It will pay for itself in about 6-10 years. If you plan to stay in your house that long, I highly recommend going solar. At least get some quotes and find out if you're suited where you live.

We had a long post and comments section a month or so back, you can find it here which may answer some questions.

I did get that new meter today. I no longer get to watch it spin backwards- it's all digital now. But I still love to go stare at it. sigh!