Thursday, June 16, 2005

Downing Street Forum

My clock radio woke me up early this morning with a news story about today's Downing Street Forum being held by Rep. John Conyers. Not quite a hearing, since they can't get an official hearing with the Republicans in charge of the House, Rep. Conyers could not have his forum on the House floor. But it's still news.

Keep it coming, fans and friends. Keep pushing to get this heard.


Sluggo said...

Sharon, I don't say this to start a fight, but I think the last thing you would want would be getting this story out there. Because there's nothing there. The memo is a big zero and Conyers and Durbin are leading the Democrats further into oblivion.

Just my opinion.

Sharon GR said...

I'm glad to hear your opinion, whether it's different from mine or not. Hearing opinions from all sides of an issue is always important. And I'm happy to be pushed to justify my interest in this issue.

This ended up being an awfully long comment about the DSM, so I'm going to make it a blog post instead.