Monday, June 06, 2005

New Jersey Treasure #2

There are so many good things about living here in the center of NJ, I could go on and on about them. And I've decided to do just that. Periodically I'm going to pick something that has recently made itself a pleasure in my life and tell you why it's a NJ Treasure, in hopes that you'll enjoy it too and have more pleasures in your life.

This installment features the Trenton Thunder. This past weekend my family and I enjoyed spending Sunday watching the Thunder beat the Binghamton Mets at Waterfront Park. We had cheap seats, so no shade for us. (Note I didn't say "bad seats," because really, there aren't any in Waterfront Park.) We had our hats and sunblock, and a lot of water. We walked around in the shade and snuck over into good shady seats in the 7th inning when folks started to leave.

The Thunder has Boomer the mascot and Chase that Golden Thunder (the golden bat retriever) who keep everything entertaining. Even the ground crew came out in grass skirts and Hawaiian shirts, dancing to Jimmy Buffet's "Fins." There were dozens of distractions and giveaways during the game to keep the kids occupied. There's a Kidcessions stand selling kid-sized food portions for $1, and the rest of the concessions were reasonably priced for attraction fare. Bonus- Flying Fish Extra Pale Ale on tap!

Understand that we are not big baseball fans. Really, we don't follow it at all. And we still had a great time, for under $40 including tickets and parking. I'm told the Blue Claws and the Patriots are cool too, but my heart belongs to Chase that Golden Thunder and the Trenton Thunder. So, enjoy a fun summer day and go out to a minor league ball park- one of New Jersey's Treasures.

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