Thursday, June 16, 2005

Latest Gubernatorial Poll

Corzine leads Forrester by 10 points, according to the latest Quinnipiac poll. That's the big number that makes headlines, but some of the other numbers are more interesting to read.

(all numbers are of registered voters unless noted)
Better job reducing property taxes? 37% say Forrester and 35% Corzine (statistical tie.) 40% believe the biggest problem facing NJ is taxes, 31% specify property taxes. But Corzine's still ahead.

Is it a "good thing" for candidates to use their own money to finance campaigns? 48% say yes, 41% no. (68% say candidates who do are free of lobbyists' and special interest groups' influences.) Yeah, see, I dunno if I agree. It also means the biggest spender usually win the seat, and non-multi-millionaires don't stand a chance of ever seeing the inside of Drumthwacket.

73% say political corruption is extremely or very important in choice of governor. Hmm. Remember, these are the same folks who think taxes are our biggest problem. Clearly, we are not one-issue voters. That's nice to know. Property taxes get a lot of attention but we care about more than just that.

Corzine is honest and trustworthy according to 50%, Forrester is to 40%. But 46% associate the Democratic Party with corruption, 27% associate the GOP. That's not what the Assembly Dems wanted to hear.

41% of voters, 25% of Republicans, haven't heard enough about Forrester to form an opinion. Forrester has already spent a fortune of his own money, and 25% of Republican voters haven't even formed an opinion? That's not what Doug's camp wanted to hear.

And the Battle of the Multi-Millionaires rolls on...

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