Friday, June 24, 2005

Corzine's Plans

When I posted about wanting real property-tax reform, Matt Stoller from Corzine's campaign got back to me pretty quickly, and recently came through with some newer links. They are:

Property Tax Relief
Economic Growth
Ethics Reform

I like the economic plans, and true ethics reform is needed in Our Fair State.

But let's talk about the property tax plan for a minute. It still focuses on sending people a check of their own money back. It's a simple redistribution of wealth, plus I'm paying to have the state administer a program to send me my own money. I just can't accept that this is the best way.

I'm warming up to the idea of a Citizen's property tax convention, which Corzine is for. I'd love to have the lawmakers enact real property tax reform, as is their job. But- they just aren't going to do it. They've had decades and lots of promises and it's gotten worse, not better. No one wants to be the lawmaker who took the checks away. I've heard it said that all a convention would be is political shelter for the legislators, but maybe we have to accept that that's the only way any real changes will come.

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