Sunday, July 30, 2006

What Would Jesus NOT Do?

1) Get drunk
2) Drive drunk
3) Treat the arresting officer belligerently
4) Boast
5) Make anti-Semitic comments
6) Address a woman as "sugar tits" (even if that was her legal name)
7) Use a Barbara Walters interview to both beg public forgiveness and promote his next project (it's not in the article, but let's be realistic),1,19630,00.html?fdnews

I hope Mr. Gibson gets help battling his personal demons soon, since it would seem he's got more than a PR problem to deal with.

(I know there's a Manischewitz joke in here somewhere, but I'll leave it to the interested to write their own.)


Sharon GR said...

So, South Park's depiction of Gibson as a ranting, ridiculous lunatic was right on the mark.

'Course, their depictions of people are often dead on, aren't they.

Hakim_Rashid said...
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Sharon GR said...

Dear Troll:

Stay away. I will not have you using this blog to spread hate.

-Sharon GR