Thursday, July 27, 2006

Central NJ gas price watch

$3.03, Lukoil, Seaside Park, 7/27 10:45 AM.


Rob said...

Citgo, corner of Klockner Road and East State Street in Hamilton has been $2.99 for over two weeks. Was there today.


Jack said...

Anybody who has a mac should download the "gas price widget" for their dashboard. It shows you the cheapest price in your area. The cheapest within a 5 mile radius of Montclair NJ is the Getty station at 222 Clifton Ave. Regular is selling at 2.88! It's not really that useful..but interesting.

- BlueWaveNJ

The Contrarian said...

Has anyone thought that the best way to save money on gas is just to drive less and make lifestyle choices that are less auto-dependent? Yeah, I know it's easier said than done, and that you can't buy that nice mcmansion miles away from any poor people, but is intriguing.

In the end, perhaps that dashboard widget is our answer. I just installed it on my Mac.

Sharon GR said...

You said it, Contrarian. I just took a new job where I can walk to work- and I love my commute now. Am very glad I bought a house in a town, not an exurban enclave, so I can do that sort of thing.