Friday, July 14, 2006

New Quinnipiac Poll- State Shutdown edition

Quinnipiac released their newest NJ poll today, showing that the state shutdown didn't hurt Corzine. His approval rating is at 44%, which beats last month, and is in fact the highest he's been in the Q. polls. His disapprove rating is at 43%, which is also his highest but not statistically significantly so. At least, we're choosing sides- this is the lowest the Don't Knows have registered- 13%. We also approve of how he's handling the budget- 47% approve, also highest so far.

All this, and we're mad at the Legislature. 71% Disaprove- highest (lowest?) there this year. We didn't really like the shutdown, 45-51%, but we approve of the sales tax hike compromise deal, 58%. But we wouldn't vote against our local legislator because s/he voted for the sales tax hike, 69-23%.

These numbers show the cynicism that we've come to know and love in Our Fair State:

  • Will Corzine reduce property taxes? 64% say no, a little fewer than a month ago.

  • Was this a first step in property tax reform or a token political effort? 59% say tolken effort.

Well, at least we haven't lost our realism.

Corzine took a gamble by shutting down the state, but it looks like it paid off politically. The plan is for it all to pay off financially by making a difference in our ridiculous out-of-control way of budgeting here in NJ.

One more cool thing- Businesses are happy with the new budget. Important news for a state that just pissed the casino industry off a little bit.

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