Saturday, July 29, 2006

Scams People Play, or I WOULD Want to Be Like You

Most aspiring identity thieves, if trying to ply the trade in a face-to-face setting, realize that they shouldn't set their sights too high; if you go around pretending to be, say, Angelina Jolie or the Pope, no one's likely to be fooled. You have to strike a balance between recognizability (the victim's heard of and respects your premise) and plausibility (the victim doesn't have enough expertise to disprove the premise, or cause to). Semi-successful examples: Stanley Kubrick, or Sidney Poitier's son.

However, pretending to be the less-famous half of a never-that-famous duo... maybe a little too obscure. Gotta give props for creative thinking, though.

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Rob S. said...

He must've been bitten by the Gold Bug.