Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Watching the odometer change

This time it's for real*- I've crossed 10,000 on the ol' Blogpatrol meter.

Let me say it again- Thanks for stopping by. I really do appreciate it.

(* I thought I hit 10K a few weeks back but that was due to a blogpatrol meter misoverestimation. I wrote it up, and about an hour later when I realized it couldn't possibly be right, I pulled the post. This time it's the real deal.)


Tata said...

Congratulations, dahhhhhhhhhhhlink! Your popularity is digitally confirmed!

Do you have a tiara? Because you *need* a tiara!

Jeri said...

Congratulations, Sharon! That's what you get for being relevant and useful and entertaining. Nice job [pat on back].

Sluggo said...

Good for you, Sharon. On to 20k!

Rob S. said...

Congratulations on making the flip!

Janet said...

I don't always know what to say cause I'll admit, I'm not as well informed on important issues as you are. That doesn't mean I don't stop by though. I just can't converse about it most of the times unless it's on my tivo.:(

jay lassiter said...

i just passed 7,000. Wanna race?
(congrats, by the way)