Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Busy, busy

Been busy in real life so I'm sorry I've let my blog slide for a few days. I'll have something interesting to write in a few days, maybe, but right now I'm focusing on paperwork. Much of it, tax paperwork.

However, I bet you have something you wrote on your blog that's really good, huh? Well, send it to the Carnival of NJ Bloggers! I'll be hosting this week, so send me an email with the permalink to your post at njcarnival@gmail.com and I'll include it.

If you do want something fun online, Janet at the Art of Getting By does a "Tell it to me Tuesday" every week on, you guessed it, Tuesday. They're often a lot of fun, so maybe you can stop by there and tell Janet somethin'.

Also, if you haven't heard, Russ Feingold is sponsoring a resolution to censure the president for his illegal wiretapping scheme. Contact your senators and tell them how you feel, that they should support this move. I realized I didn't have web page info for Our Fair State's senators, so I added it to the links in the sidebar. I wrote both senators yesterday and have yet to hear back, but you can bet that someone in their offices is keeping track of the emails/calls/letters recieved, pro and con, so make your voice heard.


Matt Stoller said...

More blogging, less other parts of life!

Sharon GR said...

Yeah, yeah. I got three posts out here today, and one over at BlueJ.

Tax return be damned! I've got another month, right?