Monday, March 27, 2006


Bob at the Rix Mix asks, "Do animals go to heaven?" I don't know. I'm not really convinced of heaven either way, let alone the rules on who goes.

I was in my car yesterday morning, in the rain, thinking about information. When I was in college, I didn't have internet and rarely had access to a TV, let alone cable. So, if I had to make a decision based on weather, I heard the day's weather report on the radio or just looked out the window. "Yeah, bring the umbrella today," I'd decide, based on that information (somehow it rained the better part of four years in Delaware.) Now, I have an indoor/outdoor thermometer with barometric pressure readings, 24-hour weather on TV, and access to the internet where I can get radar pictures and dozens of predictions. Do I really need all that to decide whether to bring an umbrella today?

So, I've talked to the vet. A lot. They've done bunches of tests and they can do more. But the fact is, she's almost twelve- average life expectancy for a retired racing greyhound. They can test more, check more, get more accurate diagnosis, and find out lots more information. However, I looked out the window and I see the rain coming, and it's not far off anymore- it's time for the umbrella.

I brought her home yesterday morning in the rain. She had a day at home on her couch and a night in her own bed. Today, she went back to the vet's office, for the very last time. Toasty's race is run.


Jeri said...


I know you and Andrew, your wonderful daughters and Summer all gave Tosty a wonderful life, home, and family. It is all a dog could ever ask for, and she got so much more.

She's at rest now and she'll see you on the other side.


Rob S. said...

You guys have always done right by Toasty, and that includes today. She was a happy, pretty dog, and could have no better family.

I'll miss her goofy-ass way of sleeping, like an upended barstool. That's contentment.

Sluggo said...

I'm sorry to hear that. It's always a rough day when your pal passes on.

She got the best that a dog can get, though. Of that I'm sure.

Bob said...

My old Blue he was a good old hound
You'd hear him hollering miles around
When I get to Heaven first thing I'll do
I'll grab my horn and call for Blue

Bye bye Blue
You good dog you
Bye bye Blue
You good dog you

jay lassiter said...

Sending you big hugs.

The One True Tami said...

I'm sending my own hugs along, and will drink a toast to Toasty.

Tata said...

I'm so sorry! You gave Toasty a good life and a peaceful. There is no greater gift you could have given anyone. Blessings upon your lovely heads.

Fixer said...

Something that gave me comfort when I had to say goodbye to a best friend.