Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tell it to her Tuesday- Speed of Lightning, Roar of Thunder edition

Janet's Tell it to me Tuesday series continues today with the question Who would make your best underdogs list of all time?

Obviously, our hero here is tops of my list. And now I have the theme song (as done by the Butthole Surfers) stuck in my head. Thanks, Janet. Guess I should go add that to Rob's earworms list next.

Now it's time to list some big underdogs:

The Philadelphia Eagles: They've been the underdog in two superbowls: 2004 and 1980. 1980 they got roundly trounced but 2004 was so close it hurt.

Silence of the Lambs: Who expected this to take the oscar from JFK and Bugsy, which took the Golden Globe? Thriller/Horror usually had no chance, and then this one took the best actor/best actress/best picture trifecta. Creepy as hell, too.

Willie McCoy (Slim): He refused to believe that you don't mess around with Jim.

There are a bunch more, I'm sure. Have fun with it!

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Natsthename said...

Yes, those poor Eagles! SOme day, they'll win. SOME DAY during my lifetime? I'm not sure!