Thursday, May 24, 2007

I get searches- Carla Katz take two

I made a flippant comment in the Blue Jersey news round up today about a Jon Corzine-Carla Katz item being in the news:

Joe Cryan and Tom Wilson are having a shouting match over financial issues and private email between the Gov and Carla Katz, with Wilson threatening to sue to release the correspondence and Cryan criticizing Wilson's tirade: "Mr Wilson is doing nothing better than engaging in political voyeurism." Sorry- maybe I should have put this in the same category with American Idol that I dismissed earlier; let's call it "Gossipy non-news."

Non-news, indeed. I got over 600 hits yesterday on this blog, mostly from Google searches on the name Carla Katz or Carla Katz photo.

Six Hundred.

Tom Wilson may be engaging in political voyeurism, but it looks like a lot more of us are engaged in simple voyeurism. A NY Times article about the money involved in the relationship is the spark for all this interest, of course. People still want to know about the woman to whom Corzine gave all that money.

An ethics panel cleared the gov of any allegations that union negotiations were affected by the old relationship. Katz and Corzine stopped dating a long time ago; he has been seeing someone else for years now.

There's nothing to see here folks; move along...

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Rob S. said...

Yikes. Even when I get beaucoup hits from talking about a Mary Jane statue, you still kick my ass.

What if I wrote about the jiggly animation on that Dr. Katz cartoon that Comedy Central used to run?