Friday, May 25, 2007


I was tagged by Nordette, the Jersey Goddess, for the Eight Random Things meme. I need eight random facts about myself that you probably don't know, then I must tag eight of you to follow up as well. Hmm....

  • I hate slugs. I really, really do. When I was a kid I brought in the dog's food dish from the back yard and it had a couple slugs in it; I thought they were snakes, and I was really upset. I can handle snakes much better now, but I still can't take slugs. I love my garden, however, and that makes things difficult.

  • I'm allergic to kiwis. The fruit, not people from New Zealand.

  • My first hair cut by a professional was when I was 28 years old. My mother always cut my hair when I was young, and through college and after I drafted friends, boyfriends and my husband to trim the back for me.

  • My own mother once said about me "You're not just frugal, you're cheap." Bet you figured that out after the haircut item, didn't you?

  • I took two semesters of Chinese in college. I remember almost no characters, but I can still understand greetings when I hear them.

  • I don't have the patience for Monopoly anymore. I used to play it constantly with a friend when I was 11 or 12, so maybe I've burned out on it. I can play long involved games- we ran the same D&D campaign for almost eight years- but just not Monopoly.

  • My husband is my best friend.

  • I've lived in three different counties in New Jersey, four towns total, and I'm not leaving. I can't imagine living somewhere else. I didn't pick to live here- it's just where I was born- but I love it for all its faults. Sometimes I am fiercely loyal to things I didn't originally want or I just got stuck with, and maybe Jersey falls into that category, but I am fiercely loyal to it.
Now the harder part- tagging eight folks to meme.

  • Rob S. Laughing at the pieces indeed!

  • Janet When you have time to blog again, no hurry.

  • Tata Do you meme, Princess Tata?

  • Andrew Never has time to blog anymore, but still.

  • DJ Rix Has been putting up some great poetry lately.

  • VeeganMD is back on a new page.

  • *Rob or Brenda Or maybe both!

  • Greg! Back from the deep?

I will be not offended if you cannot or choose not to participate. I must say it was more fun and a little harder than I expected.


Nordette Adams said...

Thanks for doing it, Sharon. Your husband is your best friend? I always smile when people acknowledge love for their spouses openly and that he's your best friend is a sign that you guys are "for real." :-)

Your own mother says you're cheap? Hmm. LOL.

Chinese? I tested my Chinese accent on a foreign language program (no I don't speak it) and I was surprised that I scored better for the Chinese accent than I did for French, which I've studied. I don't think, however, that I could make it through a course in Chinese.

Bob said...

Not quite truth or dare material.

Rob S. said...

How could I resist? Here it is!

Janet said...

I have to be honest, I rarely do memes. I do enjoy reading them though. For instance, under which circumstances would I ever otherwise learn the kiwi thing?

Sharon GR said...

Don't feel bad, Janet. This is only the second or so I've ever done.