Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Healing Power of Bob Barker

Sick as hell, I have been.

It started Tuesday; now with several days of antibiotics and lots of missed work, I am feeling better. I have to get from "better" to "good" by tomorrow; I can't miss any more work.

What do you do when you're home sick? Well, you get some sleep. You take ibuprofen and drink extra fluids. You take naps. You lie on the couch. And, when you're unable to focus your eyes and mind enough to read (I couldn't until yesterday), you watch TV; far, far too much daytime TV. No matter what, you watch The Price is Right.

This is the stay-home-sick-from-work/school plan I've followed since childhood. And I've always gotten better.

I firmly believe Bob Barker has healing powers. There's something about sitting on the couch with your box of tissues and stale glass of water watching people drastically underestimate the retail prices of furniture they'd never buy that always makes me feel better.

Maybe it's the simple comfort of the sameness of it all; the show hasn't changed much in the last thirty years. They must've spent a lot on that Showcase Showdown wheel back in the 70s or 80s, since they still use the very same one. Most of the sets and games are all the same, and the prizes haven't changed much either. I didn't see Rice-a-roni this week, but I bet it was there. Even though the voice has changed over the years, the trademark "Come on down!" still elicits shrieks of joy from the faithful in the audience.

I'm sure you've heard Bob Barker is retiring. Apparently CBS plans to replace him; I wonder if they will revamp the show completely or just try to drop another host in his place. I won't know until the next time I'm home sick, since I have no patience or time for game shows or daytime TV unless I'm stuck on the couch.

Bob, I'll miss you. Next time I'm under the weather and you're not there anymore, I'm sure I'll hear your voice telling me the Actual Retail Price in my feverish dreams. I hope I can still get well without you.

And, thanks for reminding us. I did spay or neuter my pets.


Rob S. said...

Feel better. Get as close as you can to feeling really good without going over.

Bob said...

There used to be "I Love Lucy" reruns, too.

Sharon GR said...

Oh, yeah, and Beverly Hillbillies- but I associate those more with hanging around the house watching TV during summer vacation, not with being home sick.

DBK said...

Hope you're feeling better.