Thursday, July 21, 2005


One fun thing about blogging is seeing how readers find you. Blogpatrol (see that counter down there on the right? Those guys) lets you see your last 20 keywords for searches that have sent folks to your site.

The last four for mine were:

Base closings political retaliation (sorry bud, I said it wasn't.)

nj right to life (boy, I bet that person was disappointed, huh?)

herronton woods, princeton, nj (that was a long time ago I mentioned that, but here it is)

And, my favorite, JCP&L meter reading screwed. The funny thing is, I didn't even blog about my meter reading being screwed. But it was. We went solar not long ago, and I couldn't be happier with it. Especially the part where I get to watch my new meter, which shows how much I've produced and how much I've used from the grid. Was actually looking forward to my electric bill this month! It was going to be SO LOW! Right? Right??

But, JCP&L screwed up my meter reading. They estimated the reading this month based on last year, instead of coming out and doing an actual reading. Boy, I was mad. They wanted a lot of money I didn't owe. So I called them, ready to scream and yell until they fixed it! Was I ever surprised when a very nice service rep quickly helped me, had me read the meter to her over the phone and quickly sent me a corrected bill, which was only $30. Yay! (How's that for one of the hottest months of the year? Love that solar power.)

I also get the occasional search for NJ night life. Sorry, whoever that is, but I have kids- I have no idea about night life in NJ. I bet it's smokin', a great time, lots o'fun. Let me know tomorrow, I have to get up early.

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