Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Carnival and The Press


The Carnival got some nice exposure today, in the New York Times Our Towns column by Peter Applebome. Sluggo's trying to handle the pressure of being next week's host. (The big tent will be here at The Center of NJ Life on Aug. 7th.)

UPDATE: as of 6PM, I have 155 hits today. Oh my.
My proverbial fifteen minutes started earlier today and I didn't even know it!


Anonymous said...

That NYT article on Carnival of the NJ Bloggers conspicuously ommitted The Opinion Mill's take on Judith Miller, which Suzette herself chose to represent the Mill for its first appearance in the Carnival.

Of course, the Mill post was highly unflattering to Ms. Miller's reporting and her stance of martyrdom. You don't think they took it personally, do you?


Steven Hart
The Opinion Mill

PS Like your site.

Sharon GR said...

Hi Steve, welcome, thanks!

The NYT guy did try to contact me in advance of the article, I just found out a few minutes ago (his email was filed as spam.) I wish I'd gotten to talk to him, because the article focused largely on the right-wing bloggers. There aren't many liberals who appear on the NJ Carnival as of yet, and it would've been nice to see some of the left represented up front.

But I can look at it this way- I wasn't mentioned by name, and my hits went way up today. I bet yours did too. A lot of folks bothered to read the list and click through to us. (Even if the NYT wasn't too keen on your take of their current scandal.)

The One True Tami said...

I am so not happy that I didn't mail anything to Suzette for this week's carnival. That has to be the worst timing ever, on my part. There were a few in there that I was thrilled to see mentioned, though. That was good.