Sunday, July 24, 2005

Another little piece of my soul gone

I just heard Derek and the Dominoes' Layla, on the Weather Channel, behind the local forecast.

It's not as bad as hearing Led Zeppelin on Cadillac ads, but it's still another little piece of my soul gone.


DBK said...

Speaking of another piece of something, have they used "Piece o' My Heart" in a commercial yet?

Every time I hear a great tune in a commercial it really does bug me, but then it sends me to the collection to play the original and feel that old feeling again, too.

Tata said...

When I hear "Dream On" on car commercials I feel like I heard the Prom Queen drove the train with the whole football team.

Jeri said...

Playing behind the weather forecast and selling cars are two different beasts, IMO. I hate that I can't hear "Been a Long Time" on the radio now without thinking of Cadillacs.

Aerosmith, in my admittedly minority view, have always been a commercial band. I never considered them as having any higher calling than making money, so hearing them played over a Buick ad just confirms it.

What would put me in my grave would be hearing a Nirvana song used to sell products--not because their music is particularly sacred per se, but because Kurt Cobain was so rabidly anti-commercial. Which is funny, because the "Teen Spirit" in "Smells Like Teen Spirit" was the name of a deoderant. Long story.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeri..
The Led Zep song is "Black Dog" not "Been a long Time".

Yes, the story behind the name of SLTS is ironic. I agree that using a Nirvana song in a commercial would be so incredibly * WRONG! *