Thursday, July 14, 2005

Fleecing Update- Klockner Woods Deal Postponed

In a 180 degree spin, Mayor Glen Gilmore and the township of Hamilton will wait to purchase Klockner Woods until the state finishes its review of the deal.

Quoted in today's Times of Trenton, Gilmore says "Until we've been reassured that we've been given a fair deal, we're not going to purchase Klockner Woods." I guess the public pressure got to them. Unfortunately, it's not yet clear that a new price can even be negotiated or not; the price was set and there's a deadline of Sept. 1 to pay off or face an 8% per year penalty, payable to the Fieldstone Group.

At this point in the whole deal, this may be the best development we could've wanted. Now, let's see what the state comes back with in the report, and if anything can be changed in the sale.


Rob said...

The thing is, the purchase of the property would assure Hamilton residents that it would remain undeveloped since the land is swampy. Granted - you don't want to be fleeced, and it sounds fishy, but at the same time, it would remain preserved space, in a town that needs it (and that I am moving to).


Sharon GR said...

You're right *Rob, it should be preserved. There is a web site for a group devoted to its preservation. I agree completely that it must be preserved, but I don't think your soon-to-be township government is playing it right. They sold it for $375,000 four years ago and now will buy it back for $4.1mil? That ain't right. Not just Hamilton Twp. will be footing the bill here either- both Mercer County and Our Fair State have big bucks in this.

It should be preserved, but not at that gouging pricetag. I can only hope the state audit comes back with a much more fair price and it is paid so the land is preserved.

Rob said...

That is the same group that actually was able to convince the town council not to authorize development on the parcel of land that was somewhat across the street from Klockner elementary (the corner of Klockner and Nottingham - next to where the old Shop-Rite was). I'm glad there are groups like this in the town we're moving to.

Yes I agree, the pricetag is too high. I have to wonder what's really going on. There's plenty of talk of this on the Hamiltom Forum -