Monday, July 04, 2005

Back on track- the short form

This week the Carnival of Bloggers is back at Enlighten NJ.

I've seen first-hand what Mercer County Community College does with entertaining expenses, specifically at the Conference Center. It's lavish- over the top, really. School Pres. Robert Rose is well-liked with some at the school but this is his second big scandal since taking office; it looks like it's time to go.

Tom Hester Jr. at the Trenton Times has a nice bit on the budget negotiations. State Sen. Kenny is right that this year's Assembly elections won't be decided on the amount of rebates. It'll be about who saved them, and property taxes in general. The final budget seems to be a good one, even if it has those ridiculous rebates and less given directly to public schools and municipalities than I'd like. (Those steel-cage matches would have made great television, though.)

I emailed the Corzine campaign folks again about non-working links on their web site. I'd like to get back to blogging about the gubernatorial race, so I've been surfing their site and found a bunch that aren't working. Let's see if they can get it all running.

And yes, something DID happen on the Supreme Court while I was away! It's a sad day when we liberals are upset about losing a Reagan appointee, but here we are. A swing vote, a sometimes-moderate voice is lost. Roe v. Wade is over, you heard it hear first. (Ok, so I'm a little behind, so you heard it here seventeenth or eighteenth.) The speculation is already gettin' crazy about who will be nominated. Cross your fingers, close your eyes and wish really hard: "Not Gonzales. Not Gonzales. Not Gonzales..."


Sluggo said...

Most conservatives are muttering the same thing.

Sharon GR said...

For different reasons, but yeah, at least we all have some common sense about this.

There was a brief AP bit on objections to Gonzales here

Anonymous said...

Sadly, Gonzales may be the best bet if the hope is to save Roe.

Sharon GR said...

Hi Anonymous, welcome.

I think we can still hope for better. Roe v. Wade is a very serious issue, and he may not stamp on it the first chance he gets. But this is a man who declared the Geneva Convention "obsolete" and "quaint." Mary Shaw did a bit on why Dems shouldn't settle for Gonzales. Admitedly, I'm not sure who we'll get who they'll nominate and the Dems will confirm, but it looks like both sides don't want Gonzales. So, I doubt he'll get nominated- unless the Bush Admin. needs a distraction from something, like the Karl Rove scandal.