Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Funniest thing I've read in a long time

Steve, Don't Eat This!

(Thanks to Seething in the Wilderness.)


EjMeerkat said...

Oh my god this was great, I can't stop laughing and I'm at work. I also loved the build a weird hot dog too! (linked on right side of webpage)

Sharon GR said...

Welcome, erik.

I should've warned you about that, sorry. Official warning: Reading the Steve, Don't Eat This blog at work may be hazardous to your job! (Or, at least, hazardous to looking like you're doing actual work.)

DBK said...

I'm on deadline so I needed a break because what I do can approach tedium like a mongoose approaching a...well, that analogy wnet nowhere fast, didn't it?

Anyway, Steve, Done Eat This is very funny and I feel somewhat soiled having read it. Steve is an abnormal person. I've watched that Cook's Tour guy and I thought he was kind of a freak eating some of that stuff, but Steve is a very sick individual and it is shameful that we read his web site and encourage this sort of behavior.