Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Summer is almost over; the end is in sight.

Last night I was considering when I would take the kids to the zoo, and I realized that I have exactly two chances left before school starts. I hope the weather cooperates on those days.

We still have one real, true and much-anticipated vacation coming up this summer. We have relatives coming to visit, too; summer's not over just yet. What I'm realizing is that we've done much less hiking, canoeing, backyard camping and day-tripping than we'd like to have done, and few chances left in the hot season. It's a little sad to think about it.

I guess I get this way every year about this time. I love when the corn, tomatoes and peaches are all in- but it's a fleeting time that means school, fall and more busy-ness are just around the corner.

Enjoy what's left of the dog days of summer. They're numbered.

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