Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday Cat Blogging- Big Cat Falls edition

Obviously, they're not my cats.
We headed to the Philadelphia Zoo yesterday, the kids and I. We were very lucky on the timing, because the new Amur Tiger cubs were having their public debut! We were ushered in to the exhibit in small groups, so as not to startle or upset the cubs and the new mama. The cubs, for their part, couldn't have cared less that there were humans on the other side of the glass; they had fun just splashing and playing with each other and periodically tackling Mom.

We love the Philly Zoo; close by and small enough to see everything in one day trip. Right now is a great time to visit; in the fall, the three African Elephants will be gone to their new home, so not only are there new tiger cubs, but it's your last chance to see the elephants.

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