Tuesday, August 07, 2007

My Media-verse

*Rob has challenged folks to list what's been in their media-verse lately. I'll give it a go. It's late summer and I'm clearly not into anything heavy or serious right now:


Of course, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows leads the list. First I read it, then I listened to the Listening Library version. I was very happy with it. I'm listening to Eragon right now, as read by Gerard Doyle. I have a Playaway of it from the library, and I'm not enjoying it too much; I think it's the Playaway's fault- the sound quality sucks. Am waiting for A Thousand Splendid Suns at the library, and watiting for Voice of Crow to be published.

Graphic Novels:

I am reading the Y-the Last Man books. Since there are only nine compilations of those and I need a Brian K. Vaughan fix, I'm wolfing down Ex Machina too. Catching up on my Sin City as well- I haven't seen the movie yet, and plan to read most of the books first. (I can't believe I have Graphic Novels as a separate section. I blame you, Rob. I do.)

Print media:

Newsweek had a great article on the Global Warming denial machine. There's a lot of money going into confusing the public about what's actually true and what's trumped up. I read the Times of Trenton every day- or at least, go through it if I don't have a lot of time to read it. Speaking of not having enough time, I'm a little behind on my National Geographic right now.


Finally watched Clerks 2 this past weekend and it was fun, although as full of plot holes and awkward segues as the original. I caught the Devil Wears Prada on cable this last weekend and it was awful. I read the book a few years ago and it was entertaining, but they butchered it here. (Her boyfriend works in restaurants and complains about her hours? Not believable at all.) Am on the waiting list for 300 at the library; I've borrowed Volver twice and not been able to watch it either time. I'm hoping to finagle a babysitter to see the new Bourne movie.


Morning: I've switched from Today to American Morning on CNN. I only get to watch a few minutes in the morning, and I've decided I prefer some actual news to infotainment. Primetime: we always catch Olberman if we can. Love Top Chef. Love Mythbusters. We've watched two episodes of Mad Men and I've decided that's enough- I simply don't care what happens to anyone on the show, so why bother? Strangely, I do watch this show, and I can't explain why- I just keep watching.


Very little music, it seems. I've been listening to audiobooks and am out of the loop for music. I have WXPN on right now, but it's background noise really.

So I guess that's it. What's in your Media-verse right now?


jaykaydee said...

I don't like Mad Men much, either, but I just watch it so I can read this woman's hysterically funny synopsis of each episode. Better than the actual show.

Rob S. said...

We've seen the first episode only so far -- where I discovered one of my favorite Philly actresses is in it (Maggie Siff, who plays Rachel), so I'm likely in for the haul.

Bob said...

I reacted to Mad Men the same way. Nicely acted, great period look, but couldn't care what happens to those hacks, sellouts, drones & goldiggers. Watch Billy Wilder's "The Apartment" instead. Insurance, not advertising, but manages to be both realistic & screwball at the same time.