Saturday, August 18, 2007


I'm cutting back on caffeine.

This is hard.

I went from 2-4 cups a day down to one. I've past the part with the headaches; luckily I only got a few, probably since I cut down gradually.

What's getting me now is the tiredness. I still get the mid-afternoon sleepys, but now I can't just toss back a cup of coffee or tea. I have to try to walk around, get active, whatever- and that helps but not so well.

The other day I had no tea in the morning, so when the mid-afternoon sleepy hit me, I got a cup of coffee.

Starbucks coffee. Good coffee. Powerful coffee. All bow to the awesomeness that is coffee.

I was so awake for the rest of the afternoon and day; awake like I never felt when I was downing coffee on a regular basis. I discovered that once I'd reduced my dependency on the drug, using it again gave me the full potential. (Something most relapsing addicts know, I'm sure.)

Now that I've been reminded of the real thing, I have to avoid getting hooked again. Unfortunately it'll be mid-afternoon soon, and I just hope I don't get too sleepy...


Bob said...

I used work at a place that provided enormous amounts of free, very bad coffee. So I drank it. Like every other coffee addict there.

chrisready said...

If you're sleepy in the afternoon, try taking a nap when you can. I remember learning about the Spanish siesta and how it actually is closer to the human body's natural cycle of rest.

Sharon GR said...

I wish I could nap more. The only afternoon naps I get now usually only last two minutes and end with a small person waking me up since I fell asleep reading a picture book out loud.

I did go out for coffee with a friend today, at 4 in the afternoon, and got decaf. It sucked, too. This no-caf thing is hard.

Scott Roche said...

It is hard to break the yoke. I used to drink a lot more coffee/soda than I do now and it's good to actually sleep. I still want the joe first thing in the morning and occasionally in the mid-afternoon, but I think I'm past the addiction.

RE: starbucks, I'm sad for you that you think it's good coffee. ;-)