Thursday, August 23, 2007

Every once in a while,

...Dr. Science is exactly right about something:

Q: What is the deal with corn? Submitted by Scott W. Short from Canton, MO

A: Indeed, what is the deal with corn? There's too much already in storage so prices are low, yet every year we plant zillions of acres and then whine if the yields don't break new records. Planting and harvesting are extremely energy intensive, it demands large amounts of water and corn's so-called value added use as ethanol is a farce because it takes more energy to plant, harvest and process corn than it yields as a fuel. So what, indeed is the deal with corn? Our nation's agribusiness is addicted to it. And like any addict, they'll go to any lengths to deny or justify the addiction. As long as we're all willing to enable the addict, it's pure insanity to think anything will change.


KaliTa said...

Huh. Should it be a shock when someone speaks the truth?

Sharon GR said...

Dr. Science is a comedy column and he usually borders on the ridiculous. This time, he was dead on true.