Friday, March 09, 2007

Exploding traffic

Now, we see what the public really wants.

I've been getting searches for well over a year for "Carla Katz photo" or "...picture". Somehow I doubt it has anything to do with interest in the visage of a prominent union leader; I expect it has a whole lot to do with the interest in what the millionaire governor's ex-girlfriend looks like.

To satisfy human curiosity, I finally put up a picture of this woman earlier this week, and my traffic has exploded.

To the tune of 4x the normal amount of hits. And today isn't over yet.

Folks, I'm sorry, but I haven't done any commentary on the union negotiations. I've written on the smoking ban, the silliness in Klockner Woods in Hamilton, and solar power in NJ, none of which garnered the attention Carla Katz has; even a cursory mention of an American Idol candidate hasn't taken my hits into the stratosphere like this has.

For you first-timers here, thank you for visiting the Center of NJ Life. Please, feel free to look around and comment on anything you want.

Unfortunately, I have no more pictures for you. If you want to talk about the contracts or the gifts "issue", use this as an open thread.


DBK said...

That's weird, because you can just search Google Images and find a bunch of photos of her.

Sharon GR said...

That's exactly how I found the picture I put up. I guess folks aren't used to using that feature yet.