Thursday, March 08, 2007

Bleach-blond evil dropped

Papers drop Coulter due to slur

They're not exactly huge papers, The Mountain Press in Sevierville, Tennessee, The Oakland Press in Michigan and the Lancaster New Era in Pennsylvania, but I guess it's something.

"We will not continue to publish the columns of someone who uses people as a punch line to get a cheap laugh and who so freely uses an offensive term to describe another human being," Mountain Press Editor Stan Voit wrote.

Here's a question: why did you continue to publish her column after she advocated the killing of a Supreme Court Justice? That was a "just a joke," too. Or, why did you continue to publish her column after she demonstrated her complete ignorance of the political history on which she was commenting? I could go on and on.

Why aren't her fifteen minutes over yet?

(Hat tip to The Opinion Mill)


Rob S. said...

Add the Times of Shreveport, LA and the American Press of Lake Charles, LA to the list. 95 to go...

Bob said...

From a list I saw, Ann isn't published in many big market newspapers, & the 100 figure is hype. Many of those newspapers no doubt have local columnists even loonier than her.

Rob S. said...

The Sanford Herald in NC is dropping her, too. Talking Points Memo is pursuing this story very heavily -- they're emailing all the papers that carry her column and asking whether they plan to drop her.

And appriately enough, my word verification for Ann Coulter is:


She sure is.

Gert Bruhn said...

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Rob S. said...

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