Tuesday, March 06, 2007

And the debate on the smoking ban continues

Two significant things are going on with the indoor smoking ban in NJ (which passed whether or not you like it):

My little blog here is getting targeted by the wingers again, who insist that Trenton is full of thugs who will force us to stop smoking in our own homes (not quite!) and- my favorite- "so grow up an face the facts you's don't control the world an soon or later us smokers will rise up against you self centered pieces of garbage" (sic). Good luck with that "rising up" thing you're planning. Drop by the library one day, I'll find you a dictionary, a punctuation primer and a spellchecker.


Toque said...

If its any help we post to the US free of charge. Can't SMOKE Snuff TOQUE. toquetobacco.com

Janet said...

You know, the smoking ban is one thing I believe this state finally got right. The idea that anyone can rationalize otherwise is insane. At least to me. LOL