Thursday, March 08, 2007

Brindle Brothers update

The dogs are calming down and settling in to their new home. So far, we've had one incident where Blackjack got defensive over a toy and took a chunk off of Darkman's ear- it's healing fine now- and several stuffed animals have been stolen. Blackjack was definitely abused, but whether beaten or neglected we can't say. He's starting to warm up to us but it'll be a long road. Darkman, however, is just a big ol' goofball who is curious about everything.

The cats are still furious. The oldest, whom we've had for 13 years, keeps giving me looks that say, "WHY did you do it again? Why must there be dogs here?" Then she goes back to plotting the death and destruction of everyone around her, as it is her favorite hobby.

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