Saturday, April 29, 2006

Well, that's a relief.

From the AP: "Former Gov. James E. McGreevey's tell-all book about life as the nation's first openly gay governor will explore his own struggles as a closeted homosexual but will not venture into anyone else's bedroom..."

Well, good. Personally, I hope it stays away from his bedroom, too. I'm interested to hear his take on his political struggles and scandals, not the details of his very private life.


Bob said...

It doesn't sound like "Confession" (Blogger does not permit the underline tag????) is going to address the scandals, but rather the lifestyle of the former governor.

The man who was going to change how things were done in Trenton isn't going to accurately explain how Cipel was selected to be the state's Homeland Security Advisor.

It is merely a ploy to get back into the limelight. It is a step on the rehabilitation ladder. It is also something I will skip.

jay lassiter said...

i hope he doesn't write about me.

DBK said...

Well done, AP. McGreevey was never an openly gay governor. He was a closeted gay governor who resigned by announcing he was gay and then blamed his resignation on being gay, just a few jumps ahead of a corruption investigation because he was crooked.

Sharon GR said...

Jay- do we have something to worry about here? Or better yet, do you have any good dish?

I bet I'll read it, but quite honestly, I'll borrow it from the library. Not in a "he can't have MY money" way, but in a "I have no money" way. I'm somewhat interested in hearing his struggles to be a politician with a huge secret, but I'm mostly interested in the other-politica;- secrets and scandals he had, and even if that's not the focus, he simply couldn't avoid talking about them.