Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Looking for a waste of time?

This qualifies.


Essentially, somebody with too much time on his/her hands set up a bracket system with 512 musical artists... a battle of the bands in NCAA Tournament format, if you will. Site visitors vote in as many pairings as they want, and in a few weeks, one of the artists (The Beatles? Led Zeppelin? Tupac? Clay Aiken?) will have the honor of winning.

So what are the stakes? Nothing. No consequences or prizes whatsoever. But you may have the rewards of going from the ridiculous (Abba vs. Hole) to the Sublime (vs. Psychedelic Furs), from who-the-hell-is-that? (Dillinger Escape Plan vs. Muse) to I-can-really-only-pick-one-of-these-in-the-first-round? (The Doors vs. Cheap Trick). Mostly, you'll say "Wow, I haven't heard ____ in a while."

But occasionally, you'll feel like you helped stop an injustice. Will you let Tom Petty take Sade's crown? Will you let the Goo Goo Dolls beat Kenny Loggins?

Voting for one bracket is already over, but at this writing, Stone Temple Pilots vs. Al Green is too close to call. How will you sleep if this goes the wrong way?

(This post is written by Chris A. He doesn't even live in NJ, let alone in the Center of NJ, but he wrote a great email that worked as a post and he said I could use it. It's Tuesday, and you know how tough it is for me to come up with good content on Tuesdays.)

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