Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Waiting

It's not here yet. I checked when I got up.

So, I made breakfast and put it in the oven. Now I'm on the computer waiting for both breakfast and my package to be delivered.

Just checked- it's still not here.

Amazon said they sent it, so it should be here soon. Just like so many people (most of them under 15 years of age, but certainly not all) I'll be on media blackout until I finish the Harry Potter book. I'm taking no chances of accidentally tripping over a spoiler.

I checked again. It's still not here.

I was hoping to get some reading done before my oldest wakes up and asks for the book; I guess we should have ordered more than one copy for the three people in this house who want to read it. We made a strict family rule about not saying one single thing about the book until we've all read it.

I just thought I heard a truck, but it's still not here.

I promise to honor that strict family rule here on the blog and give not one detail. I'll be back when I'm finished reading.

Maybe I'll go check on breakfast. Or make some coffee.

Or sit in the living room to wait for the UPS guy to show up.


Janet said...

I know that the Harry Potter fans are chomping at the bit these days. I never read any of them. I've been advised to try them though. Maybe I will. I'll wait till the craze slows down a bit though. I like everything better when it's retro anyway.

Andrew said...

I just wanted to report that the book is here. As should be expected, Sharon herself is otherwise occupied.

The One True Tami said...

Funny, you're as bad as I was! I was *so* happy that I was going to the gym, because I knew it would be there when I got home!