Friday, July 13, 2007

Freezing summer

Today the air-conditioner guy came to where I work to fix the air conditioner. It was early, 9:30ish, before it was even warm out. While the air conditioner was off, two of the people I work with were terribly hot. One got fans and aimed them directly on where we were working (which is to say, on ME) because the oppressive heat was bothering her so much.

Ice cold, I left the area, finding duties in another room to occupy me.

A little while later when I had come back, a co-worker commented he felt cold. Relieved that it wasn't just me, I shut off the fan that was still blasting on us, and checked the thermostat.

It was sixty-eight degrees.

That's the temperature my heat gets set for in the winter!

Why does the world have to be refrigerated six months of the year? Why when I wear summer clothes anywhere do I feel like I must bring a sweater? Why??

I'm not asking to sweat. I'm asking for mid-seventies temperatures indoors.

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