Sunday, July 15, 2007


Darkman wouldn't go up the stairs this morning. Usually, when we leave the house for a while, we put the dogs in our room (so no more cherished stuffed animals get their faces eaten off.) I tried to get Darkman to go up without grabbing his collar and dragging him, but he wouldn't go; he was wating for Blackjack to go first. Blackjack always went first.

Last night, Blackjack became ill rather quickly. When we realized he was in pain we called the vet and headed to Red Bank Vet Hospital, but we didn’t make it; he died in the car. We have theories, but we’re not sure what it was, and we’ll never know.

Darkman will never really understand. He'll have to get used to going first, now that he's alone.


Christian said...

Sharon, I am so sorry - for you, Andrew, the girls, and especially for Darkman.

Was Blackjack ill or show any symptoms before last night? I'm sure right now you guys are still reeling from this. Blackjack will always be well and loved.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Bob said...

Very sad.

DBK said...

Oh for crying out loud. I'm so sorry.

The One True Tami said...

I'm sorry, too.
Really sorry.

Rob S. said...

What a sad night that was.

The uncomprehension tears me up, too. We went through the same thing with Blink.

I hope the girls are getting through this all right.

Andrew said...


We had no freaking clue. He was fine until a few hours before he died. He was panting and warm, so we were concerned.

He had had minor surgery on Thursday to remove a corn on one his pads. They did his teeth at the same time. He was Duramax from the surgery, and that can cause restlessness - so our first inclination was to try and let him calm down.

He wanted to go out, so we let him to give him some quiet time. We kept checking on him and he was just walking around the yard. Then he was suddenly laying down and wimpered.

I called him, he couldn't stand. We called the vet, and in no more than 15 minutes we were in the car on the way to Red Bank, when he just died in my lap.

I couldn't believe it. I still can't. I don't know what the hell happened.

Jayananda said...

So sorry Sharon!

Jeri said...

That's inexpressibly awful. I am so, so sorry for all of you. As hard as it is to lose an animal friend to a long illness, I think it's even harder when they are stolen from us suddenly.

It's so unfair. My heart goes out to you.

Sharon GR said...

Thank you all.

The kids are handling it rather well, better than I expected. Unfortunately it's rather commonplace for them now- this is the third dog they've lost. At least with the other two there was some time to prepare.

I'm still reeling. We all are.

Thanks for your kind words. I know many of you have been through similar losses and know what it's like.

DBK said...

Check your gmail account, if you haven't already.

And again, I am so sorry about your pet.