Saturday, July 28, 2007

Brewing fun

We're more than halfway through the bottling process of a batch of beer- the bottles are sanitized, the priming malt added, the beer is in the bottling bucket- and we go to sanitize the bottle caps.

I don't have enough caps. Dammit. Andrew's on the run right now to pick up some more.

The only good thing about this is, since he's already on the way there, I called Brewer's Apprentice and placed an order for ingredients for another batch. He'll pick it up while there and we can get the fermenter full again; keep replenishing the empty basement homebrew stash.

This batch is an American pale ale (our version of an ESB, but with American hops and yeast) and now we're making a porter.

Hey, it's too hot to go hiking or even walk the dog, we've got to do something this weekend, why not brew?

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