Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Yes, I do have another blog

I got some emails about the previous post, which I mentioned was cross-posted to SFoodBlog. So, to clarify: Yes, I did start another blog, about food.

I do so love food.

From SFoodBlog: "My reason for starting this blog is that I've got several recipes that I promised someone or other that I'd share with them, and I haven't done so yet. Probably the most efficient way of disseminating information is to post it here, and that way anyone can use it."

Thanks for your interest, fans and friends!


Bob said...

You may be interested in GroupRecipes. It's a web 2.0-type site that you can share recipes with others.

Sharon GR said...

Thanks, Bob! I didn't know about them. Very cool.

DBK said...

You were linked from And Blanton's and Ashton's got linked too, because of it. Heh.

Sharon GR said...

Thanks, DBK.