Thursday, April 26, 2007

Pathetic #2

Did Earth Day get you choked up? Or, did you see Al Gore's documentary and realize the impact humans make on our planet? How about Time magazine's cover story on environmental change? The wonderful Frontline on the politics of climate change?

Maybe I was the only one. Apparently, we don't care enough to bother to pull the newspaper out of the garbage can on a regular basis:

20 years later, state's recycling effort wanes

New Jersey in 1987 became the first state to require mandatory recycling, and over the next 10 years recycled an average 67.1 percent of the glass, metal, plastic and paper that used to wind up in garbage dumps.
But on the 20th anniversary of Gov. Thomas Kean signing the re cycling bill into law, New Jersey is no longer considered a recycling leader. No more than 34.3 percent of the recyclable materials are being separated from regular trash.
Former Gov. Jim Florio, who guided recycling efforts during the early years, addressed the change in the numbers during an event yesterday in Trenton marking the anniversary.
"It is troubling to see a reduction in the commitment to recycling," he said. "It leads to air and water pollution and global warming, and leads to a reduction in job opportunities. We should take today's event as a recommitment to recycling."

With all the publicity given toward climate change, it looked like (most reasonable) people were finally starting to accept that humans do change their environment. I guess not here in Jersey.

Cm'on folks, this one is easy.


Janet said...

New Jersey folks, although a fairly intelligent bunch, still manage to do some pretty stupid things sometimes, no?

Fixer said...

Comes from all those years of the Republican "fuck everybody but me" mindset.

Sharon GR said...

Ain't that the truth, Janet and Fixer.