Thursday, April 19, 2007


13.9% of voters showed up for school board elections this year:

Voter turnout was down from last year in some local districts. And statewide, only about 13.9 percent of voters took part in this year's election -- casting a total of 674,709 votes -- as compared to last year's 15.7 percent turnout, according to the state Department of Education.
That's "not terribly good," said Mike Yaple, a spokesman for the New Jersey School Boards Association. Those statistics represent a small but not insignificant drop in participation this year, he said.
While larger elections always generate a greater voter turnout, the stakes are high in school district elections, said Yaple.
"Usually, more than half the average property tax bill goes to pay for schools, and the vote can really impact the quality of education in a town," he said. "Quality schools can have quite an effect on property values in a community."

But, it was rainy, and maybe there was somethin' good on TV, so folks decided to stay home instead. They'll save their opinions for when they get their property tax bills, I guess.


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Janet said...

I work at a school and didn't even realize it was election day was election day. :(