Monday, April 02, 2007

Super Jersey Tuesday!

It is done- NJ's primary is moved up to the first Tuesday in February. For the first time, Our Fair State will be a factor in picking the party candidates.

"It's going to be over on Feb. 5," Codey said of the race for party nominations. "If we were going to have a primary in June, we'd be irrelevant like wearing brown shoes with a tuxedo."
The increased relevance already is noticeable in the attention being paid New Jersey by the various campaigns, Corzine said, and not just for money but for endorsements and organizational support. "These candidates are all over us," he said.

Just what we want- Rudy Guliani and Hillary Clinton all over us. (Sorry for that mental image; must go wash brain out with soap.)

Don't get me wrong: it is a good thing that we matter in the primary. I just dread the vicious pandering ads that will sweep over us for months beforehand, only to have the losers suddenly recant and support the winners right after.

I better keep that soap handy.

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