Friday, January 19, 2007

I get searches

Rather often, I get searches on "NJ night life" or variants of such. Got quite a few recently.

It's a shame because I'm the mother of two school-age kids; I know nothing about NJ night life.

But, luckily, someone else does and decided to write about it. The Star-Ledger has an article this morning titled I Love the Nightlife which should help you find your bars or clubs or whatnot in North and Central NJ. There's also KatManDu in Trenton, somehow open ten years and I still never made it over there (even when I worked a couple miles away.) And don't forget to check out The Crooked Beat, which has calendars, maps and news on brews for bunches of clubs in the NJ and NY area. I also found some news on South Jersey's nightlife- and I admit to having visited several of those places, back before I was a mommy and I had a night life too.

I hope this helps. Now, you go have fun with your nightlife; I'll probably be asleep before you even leave home.


PNB said...

Bey Baker/Brewer etc:)

Too bad u couldnt list any of the NiteLIfe Hotspots of Northern NJ.

Trenton and south/central jersey is a long haul south of me:(

Be more helpful please;)
Your first time Blog reader

Clueless P:)

Sharon GR said...

Hi, pnb! Thanks for stopping by.

Check out the links to the Star-Ledger article and the Crooked Beat. They have quite a lot for North Jersey. The Crooked Beat even lists NYC and Philly clubs, especially if you're into beer or live music.

Unless you mean, like, Sussex county. I don't think I listed anything for there.